Numerology, Beige, Brown, Tan

Beige is another good color for business. Numerologically, it adds up to 28/1. This means that there is a tendency for passive/aggressive communication patterns. There is fear of speaking out (2) assertively (8) from fear of rejection, which affects the self-confidence (1). By wearing beige, these issues can be overcome, so the color beige will actually help a person gain the confidence to speak out assertively. Knowing this, it makes sense that beige is another popular business color, since these are qualities that help you advance up the ladder. Combine the beige with an idealistic color, like black or white, and you’ll exude power, confidence and great ideas. By the way, this is probably a great way to dress if you are going for a job interview…

Tan, which is a slightly darker color than beige, simply adds up to 8, which means lack of power. So, if you are lacking in power, wear tan, and you’ll find your lost power again. 8 can also mean money, so tan is a good color for making money.

Brown has quite a different vibration than beige and tan. Numerologically, it adds up to 27/9. 9 has to do with suppressed emotions, 2 has to do with lack of communication, and 7 is fear of abandonment. So, when you are afraid that your relationship is going down hill fast, and you can’t say anything about how you are feeling for fear that your mate will get up and leave, brown is the color to wear. Brown will help you communicate your feelings and dampen the fear of being abandoned, and this is a good thing, because we always attract into our lives whatever we fear the most.

I have heard that brown is also considered a color that has a sense of familiarity associated with it – this is the same feeling you find in established relationships. It is therefore no wonder that a lot of menopausal women change from wearing black (the color of idealism) to brown (the color of frustrating, disappointing or somewhat shaky relationships). Menopause is a huge transition where unwanted wrinkles, sags and bags show up, extra pounds are harder and harder to get rid of, and let’s face it, we don’t feel as attractive as we used to. So, what is going to happen? Will our mate look for someone younger? He might, but then again, he might not. Perhaps he appreciates your inner qualities and isn’t obsessed with how many lines you have around your eyes. Or, maybe you just don’t know what is going to happen. So, when you find yourself facing the unknown while going through great transitions, the color brown will help you overcome the scary feelings of not knowing where you life is going next.
Tomorrow, I’ll talk about grey, multi colored and burgundy.
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