Grey & Multi Colored

Grey is another color that is good for business. Numerologically, it adds up to 28/1, which is the same as beige, so you are talking pasive aggressive communication patterns, fear of speaking out (2) assertively (8) from fear of rejection from others which affects self confidence (1). Therefore, grey is another color that will help you communicate assertively and give you a sense of power and confidence.

I have never thought about it this way before, but perhaps all these somewhat boring colors are chosen for business, not because they are neutral and conservative, but because of their vibrational effect on the person wearing the colors. Perhaps we intuitively know these things, and the numerological values are simply confirming what we already know and making it more clear so that we can use this knowledge to our advantage.

Next, there is the numerology of multi colored. Multi adds up to 21/3, and colored adds up to 36/9. Add both together and you get 38/11, so now we are talking complicated. There is fear of speaking out (2) from lack of confidence (1), there are feelings of inadequacy (3) from expectations that are too high (6) and also a tendency to take on too much responsibility (6) while suppressing emotions (9). There is an ability to see how things should be (11), but a lack of power (8) to change the situation. In other words, we are dealing with issues of perfectionism.

Therefore, people who are attracted to multi colored garments are people who don’t have very high thoughts about themselves, (lack of confidence (1) and feelings of inadequacy (3)). They are trying to hide these feelings by suppression (9) and lack of communication (2). They have unrealistic expectations about how perfect they need to be, and they have the idealistic view that only the best is good enough (11), but they don’t have the power (8) to create the change that they desire.

By wearing multi colored clothes, the vibration will help them feel more confident and adequate without having to be perfect. It will help them express their feelings in relationships, and it will give them the power and courage to move towards their goals, even if they know that nothing is ever going to be perfect. The vibration of multi colored will allow the person to make mistakes without taking it personally or allowing defeat to ruin their confidence. So, the main benefit of multi colored clothes is to help take away the pressure to be perfect, and to start accepting that everybody has faults, and that it is ok not to be perfect.

Have you ever seen a perfect tree? Except for christmas trees that has been trimmed to be perfectly symmetric, you never see a tree in nature with totally symmetrical branches. But even though it is not perfect, it is still beautiful. If only we could see the same in people!

If even God doesn’t create perfection, what makes us think that we have to? The whole idea of perfection is simply a disease of the mind that we need to drop, because as long as this idea is there, how can we possibly be happy? We are always going to fall short, no matter what we do. So we must forget about perfection, because when perfection disappears, inadequacy and lack of confidence disappears, too, since those are simply the shadow side of perfection.
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