Khaki & Lime Green

Khaki is a bit uptight. Numerologically, it adds up to 22/4, which has to do with communication issues out of balance. Either, there is too much communication, as in confrontation, or there is not enough communication, as in suppression. The foundation (4) is shaky and there is lack of balance and a need to let go of control (4). So, if you are a control freak who either suppresses what you want to say, or you get into people’s faces too much, you need khaki to mellow you out a bit, especially if you are in a position of power at work. Khaki will help you be less high strung and intense, and your employees will breathe a sigh of relief…

Lime Green – I love the way lime green looks, even though I can’t wear it. Numerologically, it adds up to 52/7. This combination of numbers indicates a person who restricts herself (5) through service to others (2) from fear of abandonment (7). This stops the person from moving forward, in other words, it signifies stuckness (5).

To turn this around, the person needs to find their connection to source (7) so that they can overcome their fear of abandonment (negative aspect of 7), and once that happens, they can communicate freely in their relationships (2), and live a life of change and variety (the positive side of 5) instead of restriction and stuckness. So, when you start feeling trapped in your relationship, lime green is the cure…

So, what is your favorite color? Is there any color you want me to talk about?
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