Rust and Magenta

If your boss is wearing rust, watch out! This color adds up to 15/6 which means that lack of self confidence (1) causes fixed ideas and rigid behavior (5) from unrealistic expectations of self and others (6). So, after taking one look at the rust outfit your boss is wearing, you know that working for this person is not going to be a picnic in the park! Most likely, you’ll end up in tears before the day is over, unless you are a perfectionist that can actually live up to those expectations. Since most of us mortals are far from perfect, it makes sense that rust is not usually a popular fashion color.

Therefore, if you find yourself very fixed, uptight and perfectionistic, rust will help you get more confidence (1) so you can begin to let go and become a little more flexible (5), and also a little more forgiving when it comes to lack of perfection in self and others (6), since there is actually more than one way to do things!

And, by the way, if you want to expand in consciousness so you can move from the third dimension, where everything is fixed (either white OR black, but not both at the same time), to the fourth dimension where the truth is a lot more complex (yes AND no, depending on your point of view), fixed ideas and rigid thinking won’t do. In the new Age of Aquarius, we have to be open to change and variety, which is the positive vibration of 5, and we also need to let go of any rigid ideas of perfection.

Another rigid color is Magenta, which adds up to 25/7. Here, we find communication issues (2) combined with a rigid attitude (5), and there is a need to control the environment from fear of abandonment (7). Isn’t it fascinating to see how many of these colors that have relationship, communication and abandonment issues? I can’t help but wonder if tribal people who don’t wear much clothes have similar issues? Probably not! I bet they are much healthier than any so called civilized people. So, do the issues relate to the fact that we cover our bodies with clothing? That in itself is a bit unnatural, isn’t it? Well, maybe I shouldn’t even go down that path, so back to the color Magenta.

The vibration of Magenta will help you communicate easier (positive vibration of 2) and make you more flexible in your attitude (positive vibration of 5), but the main effect of Magenta is to make you less needy from fear of abandonment (positive vibration of 7). Therefore, it will be a good color for meditation, because if you can find your lost connection to source, you won’t be needy at all.
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