Cancer, the new plague

Everywhere I go, I hear about someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer. My sister, my mother inlaw, the UPS driver, 2 of my friends…What is the deal? Is our environment so full of chemicals that the body simply can’t get rid of them quickly enough? Probably…
If you start reading labels in the supermarket, you’ll find that almost everything you can buy is full of harmful chemicals. Anything from skin care products and shampoos, to cereal, cookies, chips, and so on.

Well, you might think that a few chemicals don’t make that much of a difference. If it did, we would all end up with cancer, wouldn’t we? Not necessarily. When it comes to sickness, it isn’t just about chemicals in our environment, it is also about susceptibility. Basically, if we are not susceptible, we won’t get sick, it is as simple as that. This is why some smokers end up with lung cancer, and others don’t.

So, the question is, what makes us susceptible? Susceptibility to disease actually depends on our mental state. The mental and the physical are both part of form. There is no separation between the two – the physical is actually just a reflection of the mental state.

So, how does the mental state make people susceptible to getting cancer? Very simple! We live in a culture that is very high on expectations that we always have to try to live up to. Whether it is at work, at home, in our relationships or in regards to family expectations, our individual needs are often suppressed and forgotten. Nobody is perfect, but we often wish we were. We don’t like creating confrontations with people we know, and often times, we prefer to suppress our own needs just to keep the peace at any cost. However, this “peace-keeping” process costs a lot more than you think! It can cost you both your health and your life!

Cancer is basically caused by suppression of self – by always stuffing your own needs on the back burner. Eventually, there is so much stuff on there that you are ready to explode. However, at this point, you are so used to keeping “the lid on” that exploding is out of the question. So you keep pretending that everything is alright, and as a result, your cells become so fed up that they rebel and start growing wild, doing their own thing, and basically showing you what you should have been doing for your self all this time.

Scary thought, I know… Somehow, we are all suffering from the delusion that if anyone finds out what we are really thinking, and who we really are, nobody will like us. Strange…

What if we could all be free to be ourselves instead? No more suppressed honesty, no more suppressed creativity, no more holding back… Do you think the world would be a better place? Do you think less people would get sick? I sure do!

So, this is my vision for a better world: A place where people are encouraged to be themselves, and to express their divine selves any way they wish. A place where nobody would criticize anyone for being different. A place where traditional values and expectations would mean less than a person’s individual freedom to express themselves. Are you with me? If so, let’s spread these new ideas before it is too late!!!

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