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The other day, a friend of mine dropped by for a cup of tea. As we were sipping the tea, and chatting about this and that, she all of a sudden said: “You used to be blonde – how come you have eyebrows?” I said: “Eyebrows???” So she explained that when her hair started turning white, her eyebrows basically disappeared, leaving her face a bit bare. “Well,” I said, “I had to make sure my eyebrows matched my new red hair.” “But how?” she asked. “I’ll show you,” I said, “let’s go to the bathroom.”

We went to the bathroom and I showed her my secret – a very small tube of eyebrow tint from a company called Refectocil. “This is what I use,” I said, “do you want to try it? It only takes 5 minutes to do.” “Yes, oh yes!!!!” she answered, so we instantly got to work.

We put about 1/2 inch of cream into a tiny shot glass and mixed it with 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide. It has to be mixed until it changes color slightly and turns creamy, and then we applied the cream to our eyebrows with a small concealer brush. It looks scary rust colored when you put it on, but it doesn’t leave any red on the eyebrows after coloring.

We waited for 5 minutes, and then wiped it off with dry cotton. After wiping the color off with a dry wipe, we used moistened cotton to clean everything off properly, and voila – eyebrows! My friend looked in the mirror and started jumping up and down with excitement. It made such a difference, she couldn’t believe it!

Eyebrows are like frames around a picture – a face just doesn’t look the same without it. And, using an eye pencil usually doesn’t look very natural at all.

I can highly recommend Refectocil – the color we both used is called Light Brown, which is the perfect color for anyone with blondish hair. It has a warning on the tube that it can make you blind, so don’t get it in your eyes. But, it works in 5 minutes, and it lasts for over a month. Super easy solution, and nobody will know you are actually tinting your brows, because the result is so natural!

So, if you feel like your face needs a little bit of definition, this is a super easy solution! Just treat the cream with respect so you don’t hurt your eyes.

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