Natural face cream in a jar

It is a fact – women love cream in jars! They look so cute in your bathroom, and you can see and smell the cream! However, natural face creams should never be in jars, unless the cream contains no water. Water equals mold and bacteria, which is bad news for your skin.

The reason why producers of toxic skincare products can get away with selling creams in jars is that they are full of parabens, sometimes 3 or 4 different ones. This is what it takes to deal with the daily contamination you cause by putting your fingers into the cream. It doesn’t matter if you wash your hands first – you are still going to contaminate the cream, and only parabens are strong enough to keep the bacterial growth at a level that doesn’t pose a health risk.

When it comes to natural cosmetics, parabens are a no no, and we rely on natural preservatives, which don’t work like parabens. Parabens are anti-bacterial preservatives that actually kill bacteria in the cream, while natural preservatives work in a different way. Basically, natural preservatives work by making the cream unappealing and uninhabitable to the bacteria. However, this only works if the bacterial count is low. If you keep contaminating the cream on a daily basis, the bacterial count will eventually reach levels where they help each other stay alive, in spite of the natural preservative in the cream.

I tested this with lab tests before I chose what type of packaging to offer the product in. One of the products I tested was a jar of chamomile face cream that I used as a tester at a farmer’s market. All day long, people were taking out small amounts of cream with a stick and wiping it off on the back of their hands. After I got home, I tested the cream that was left in the jar, and even though nobody actually put their fingers in the jar, the cream was so full of bacteria that it shouldn’t be used on the skin at all.

This is when I changed my packaging. Now, I put thick creams, like the chamomile face cream, and the lavender lotion, in recyclable airless containers instead. Yes, they are made from plastic, which is unfortunate, but at least they are recyclable, and the cream stays uncontaminated. I also tested one of these containers after using the cream for over a month, and it contained no baceria growth.

Because I am committed to creating products that are good for your health, I couldn’t possibly keep selling it in glass jars, since natural creams preserved with natural preservatives WILL end up getting contaminated. Keep this in mind, if you use chamomile face cream in a jar. NO JARS! Also, keep in mind, that if you have a problem with pimples and break outs, check to see if your face cream is in a jar. If so, that is part of your problem – you may be putting contaminated cream on your face that gets into your pores and causes infection!

So, be aware of the packaging, and stay away from jars, unless the product is just a waterless balm.

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